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  * [XFree86] and [XOrg], where an unpopular change to the licensing terms of the former caused a wholesale defection of developers, distributors and users to the latter 
  * X Consortium and [XFree86], same as previous example, but XFree86 on the other side, and years earlier :) 
  * More recently, the forking of [cdrkit] off from <tt>cdrtools</tt>, because of a licence change to the latter. It remains to be seen how this one will play out 
  * [RPM] and RPM5 (see []) 
+ * A new entry: Debian is moving from [glibc to eglibc|].  
  Some interesting analyses of the pros and cons of forking are: 
  * Rick Moen's [Fear of Forking|], subtitled "Why Linux Won't Fork, And why being able to fork is still A Good Thing."