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Excellent idea for a page, but I'd refactor it somewhere (when I wasn't at work), perhaps into FileHierarchy? or something, and explain on this page what a filesystem was, ext2/ext3 etc, and how the Windows analog is "FAT" or "NTFS".

The Linux filesystem grows from a main point "/" (Refered to as root)

Stores the kernel. Usuallly a seperate Partition at the beginning of the hard drive
System binary files (Programs) for use by all users
Device files. Represent all devices connected to your computer
Contains configuration files for programs
Each user has a folder in here to store all their personal files. Commonly refered to as ''.
Contains libraries needed to run the programs in /bin and /sbin
Provides a place to 'mount' temporary filesystems (eg CDROM, floppy disk)
Location for add on software. Usually StaticallyLinked? programs provided in binary form. Some people install TarBalls? in here too, expecially beta software.
A "live window" in to kernel parameters.
home directory of the root SuperUser
Exectuable files to be used only by the root SuperUser
For files that can be shared across a whole site among multiple users
Files that are installed from TarBalls? usually install to here. Contains a full directory structure (bin/, etc/)
For variable data files

More information can be found at the filesystem hierarchy standard