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Evolution is a theory CharlesDarwin? came up with.

Evolution is the Gnome? desktop MailClient/PIM written by Ximian (now part of Novell) as an equivalent to MicrosoftOutlook, for Linux and other Unix platforms. They also make a plugin that will let you talk to MicrosoftExchange servers too.

In order to get Evolution to do client-side filtering correctly, you may need to check the Apply filters to new messages in Inbox on this server option, which lives in Tools / Settings / Edit Account / Receiving Options.

Evolution 1.4 (and maybe some earlier versions) lets you create new messages from the command line, with something like

evolution mailto:username@localhost

What isn't documented anywhere sensible, like in the User Guide, or in the (non-existent) ManPage, is that you can also add an attachment or subject like this:

evolution 'mailto:username@localhost?subject=moo&attach=file:///tmp/x.txt'

Since version 2.3.6 Evolution now supports inline pgp signed/encrypted messages thanks to some patches by MattBrown.

See IPAQNotes for syncing Evolution with an IPAQ, or PocketPC2002/2003 or WindowsCE machine.