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-The science/mathematics of encryption and "secret codes"
+The mathematical science used to secure the confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation of messages by use of codes, ciphers and cryptograms. Also the act or art of writing in codes or ciphers . It is the pursuit of four particular goals:  
-Divided largely into ConventionalCryptography and PublicKey cryptography
+__Confidentiality__ :  
+ The message can only be understood by the designated recipient.  
+__Integrity__ :  
+ No undetected alteration of the message in transit or storage is possible.  
+__Authentication__ :  
+ The sender and the recipient of the message can verify each other's identity.  
+__Non-repudiation__ :  
+ The sender cannot disclaim his/her intentions in the creation or transmission of the message
- provides a good, current, introduction to some of the algorithms and apporaches  
+Procedures and protocols used to achieve ( some of) these goals are known as cryptosystems.  
-http://www A beginners introduction to cryptography  
+[Cryptography] is divided largely into ConventionalCryptography and PublicKey cryptography
-See: CategoryCryptography 
+See also :  
+* [ Cryptography A-Z | ]  
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+* RandomNumberGenerator~s play an important role in many cryptosystems  
+Part of CategoryCryptography