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  • Setting venue for SFD
  • Next Month's meeting, MythTV?
  • Update IRD contacts
  • Server tasks

Treasurers Report (second sheet)

Last meeting:



Liz and Pault Quilty place

JohnBillings LizQuilty RodAldridge ChrisOhalloran RonnieCollinson Absent: BruceKingsbury

Opened 1932

John/Liz last meeting minutes approved carried

Treasurer Report Present Funds $1063.30 as 20090629 incl.

Saturday Workshop donation $38 last three months


RonnieCollinson membership application. PaulQuilty membership application.

Ronnie joined the Committee John/Bruce Carried

Matters Arising.

IRD letter BruceKingsbury

Trust2020 application submitted money may arrive early September 2009

Next Meeting

Paul John/Chris Carried MythTV

Software Freedom Day

Venue. University-what other rooms are available closer to car parking RonnieCollinson

Wintec-is there is presentation room closer - exhibitation space and lecture space JohnBillings DavidHallett

July 10th

WLUG Server.

Two blades need to be DanielLawson and LizQuilty

Upcoming meetings

David Bainbridge Greenstone RonnieCollinson Monday night or Software Freedom Day

Rerap Presentation Vik

Next Meeting

  • MondayNightChecklist?
  • Promo eDay
  • Promo Software Freedom Day
  • Renew membership
  • Advertise Workshop day
  • Checklist for next meeting JohnBillings/ChrisOhalloran

Meeting ending 2100