Bruce's place (301 Peachgrove Rd, Hamilton)


Last meeting: CommitteeMeetingTopics.2009-05-04

JohnBillings LizQuilty RodAldrige? BruceKingsbury ChrisOhalloran RonnieCollinson

Bruce/Liz last meeting minutes approved carried

Treasurer Report Present Funds $1091.30 as 20090436

Saturday Workshop donation $38 last three months

Rerap Presentation scheduled for 20090629 Vik

Venue Wintec near the Warehouse

MartinKealey? possible speaker on lots of topics.

IRLP connect amateur radio together using VOIP. BruceKingsbury

Asterix LizQuilty

Android MattBrown LizQuilty


MythTV Paul Hauppage Card July

PGP NickCavanagh?


Software Freedom Day Brian Farrell

Wintec DavidHallet? JohnBilling? Need to resolve venue

JohnBillings reports eDay will be the week prior to Software Freedom Day.

This could be a good opportunity for advertising software freedom day.

Keynote speaker:

Velocity Network David Hallet option for keynote address.

Corporate Tables $20/ Trust waikato for sponsorship ChrisOhalloran JohnBillings to look at application. T Shirt website

This workshop this weekend.

Try to get sponsorship.

Penguin Suit wearer

Letters to local business BruceKingsbury

List of Linux Contractors


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