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 *Discussions surrounding proposed CD distribution 
  Intend to burn our own CD "OpenDisc" and give away as promotional material. 
- Intend to order 100 CD: 75 for i386 and 25 for AMD64 
+ Have ordered 100 CD. Mix not specified, assuming we'll get approximately 75 for i386 and 25 for AMD64. Bruce feels that OpenDisc software for Windows is much more likely to get used and we should only give out Ubuntu CD to people that show interest in trying Linux. Had ten Ubuntu cds at the last workshop, more than half found a home, so no problem finding people that do want them.  
 *Library Display 
  The library has been booked for a display in the 2 week prior to Sept 20th 
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  Government Life Building is no longer an option 
- The committee with continue to investigate hosting options.  
+ The committee with continue to investigate hosting options 
 !Postal Address 
 ChrisOhalloran to document all previous mailing addresses. 
 Still looking to consolidate mailing address. 
 Known Mailing Address 
-*IT Partners  
 *Simon Green company's address is where the bank statements are being sent. (From an incorporated society perspective our address is with this company.) 
-*Business Systems Development  
+*IT Partners  
+*Before that was Business Systems Developments, many years ago, so basically only two addresses we need to be concerned with.  
 JamesPluck has contacted IT Partners about any mail that might have been sent. 
 Next meeting