WLUG Meeting Minutes
17 November 2005

Meeting opened at 7:42pm.

Present: CraigBox, MatthiasDallmeier, PerryLorier, GianPerrone
Apologies: LindsayDruett, DavidHallett, IanMcDonald

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting.

Moved: GianPerrone
Seconded: PerryLorier

Motion passed

2. Matters arising from previous meeting

All the matters from the previous meeting are outstanding and still require action.

3. Correspondence


4. Hoiho & hosting.

CraigMckenna has asked us to seek alternative hosting because Hoiho is using too much bandwidth.

Options that have been investigated so far:

  • FX Networks - $100/mo
  • CRCnet - very likely, needs small rackmountable server
  • BSD's office (consumer Jetstream)

Our preference is for a free/sponsored arrangement for both a machine and hosting. A 1U machine is preferable for "hiding in other peoples' hosting" and being considerate on rack space.

Options for fixing:

  • New server/new hosting
  • Current server/new hosting
  • International virtual hosting (

Options for getting a machine, in rough order of preference:

  • Approach someone who sells them (IBM/HP/Dell etc)
  • Approach a big name Linux vendor (RedHat/Novell)
  • Approach someone with an interest in the community
  • Four companies putting up $500 each (Infometrics owe us some favours!)
  • Free virtual hosting
  • Second hand machine out of subscriptions
  • Paid virtual hosting
  • New machine out of subscriptions

Action: Write letters asking for sponsorship options in order of preference. Find out how long CraigM will continue hosting, look at moving it immediately to BSD if required.

5. Meetings

November meeting topic: No meeting topic. To be followed up on mailing list and have someone take responsibility by end of tomorrow.

Gian's place still on offer (Taharua Rd) - 12km out of Hamilton, might be better to get somewhere close; tentative date is 18 December. Effort to be made to make the barbeque more inclusive. Venue and date to be confirmed by the next meeting.

No formal committee meeting arranged for December; will start up again in January.

6. General business


Meeting closed at 8:20pm.


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