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 !Motion passed 
 !2. Matters arising from previous meeting 
-PerryLorier still to announce Exim4 Video to list. Confirm With Craig as to whether InstallFest sponsors were thanked/followed up. 
+PerryLorier still to announce Exim4 Video to list. Confirm with Craig as to whether InstallFest sponsors were thanked/followed up. 
 !3. Correspondence 
 * No correspondence was received. 
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 * JamieCurtis and MattBrown will attempt to upgrade to the current release in a single action. 
 !9. Relicensing Wiki content under CreativeCommons 
-MattBrown - please fill me in. 
+The committee resolved that the Wiki should be licensed under the CreativeCommons [Wiki License - Attribution ShareAlike|]. The key question that now needs to be answered is how to ensure that we are able to relicense all of the current wiki content under this license.  
+__Migration Plan__  
+* All contributions after a specific date will be licensed under the CC license (this date will be set once the below steps have been completed and will be anounced via the Mailing List and on the edit page of the wiki).  
+* A script will be written, utilising our wiki history that extends back to when the wiki was created, to create a list of all Authors who have contributed diffs or more than 10 lines of content where that content still exists in the current version of the page.  
+* We will then seek to secure agreement from these authors that their content can be relicensed under the CC license.  
+* The committee does not feel any need to seek permission to relicense contributions of less than 10 lines as it is fairly well understood principle that a small modification or addition to a work does not constitute claim to copyright on the work.  
+* When author has agreed to license a link will be added to their homepage to denote this.  
+* Wiki plugin will handle display the appropriate license for a page based on whether the authors have been determined to have agreed to the CC license or not.  
+* Pages where permission to relicense a significant proportion of the content cannot be obtained will remain in their current state (copyright held with Author, no explicit license or rights granted) until such time as they are reviewed.  
+* Should a complaint be made about the content of a page, by the author of that content, we will be happy to remove the content from the wiki.  
+The committee does not believe that a formal legal opinion needs to be obtained on these matters, but will seek advice from other parties such as Nick Rout and the Canterbury LUG.  
+This migration is to be managed by MattBrown
 !10. General business 
 !10.1. DanielLawson wished to clarify the position of WLUG regarding use of funds with regard to: