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-A __ WLUG committee meeting__ is booked for this date.  
+! WLUG Executive Committee Meeting %%%  
+!23 June 2004 %%%  
+!Meeting Minutes  
-It's at Open2View
+Meeting opened at 7:10pm
+Present : Daniel, Craig B, John, Matt, Jamie, Greig, Phil, Perry%%%  
+Apologies: Craig M  
-# Minutes from previous meeting  
-# Treasurer's Report  
-# Correspondence  
-# General Business 
+!1. Minutes from previous meeting  
+Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting  
+Moved: Daniel %%%  
+Seconded: Phil %%%  
+Motion passed  
+!2. Treasurer's Report  
+Due to the absence of the treasurer, no report was presented.  
+!3. Correspondence  
+Daniel and Matt met with Ted Zorn of the Waikato 2020 Trust. Our two groups will swap members at upcoming meetings to properly become acquainted.  
+!4. Taxation  
+The WLUG now have an IRD number.  
+We have been sent tax returns for 2003 and 2004 years. Craig B is trying to contact the IRD to become tax exempt but they completely fail to produce the IR254 booklet that is required. A non-profit rebate of $1000 is offered; Craig is going to look into become a non profit organisation.  
+!5. General Business  
+* The meeting reminder bot will be fixed by the next meeting.  
+* Meetings need to be organised more in advance, particularly with respect to their venue. We would like to see all meetings at the same venue if a suitable venue can be arranged; proposed locations are:  
+** Gateway Christian Centre (Lindsay has offered, Craig to chase up)  
+** Gardens Pavilion (Phil to visit/talk to Council)  
+** University Performing Arts Centre (Jamie to chase up)  
+Legislation against spam document is being formed to be presented at the upcoming WLUG meeting, signed and submitted by the 30th.  
+Jamie has proposed drafting an open letter to candidates in upcoming local body and national elections, sourcing their opinion on issues relating to the WLUG's charter, eg.  
+* Microsoft licensing for schools  
+* Regulating ISP peering  
+* Promoting open standards  
+John is upgrading the wiki to the new release; we will contact the PhpWiki developers and ask to be added to the InterWikiMap. Wiki crash bugs are being investigated by the Hoiho admins.  
+Meeting closed at 8:00pm.