I probably shouldn't be poking at the WlugWiki but HowToPostfixCyrusWebcyradmHOWTO (now removed, see Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO on TLDP) looked like it could use some cleanup and since I'm familiar with PhpWiki (I run a wiki about improvisational comedy), I figured I'd reformat the text so it's a little easier to follow. Sorry if I've stepped on anybody's toes.

I started working with Slackware in 1994, migrated to RedHat around 1996, then switched to SUSE around 1998. I've played around a little with Mandrake and Debian but still find SUSE the most sensible and reliable distribution. I'm a bit disenchanted with RPMs and Packaged software in general so I'm curently experimenting with Gentoo. It's going surprisingly well but I'm hampered by a slow test machine (266MHz Pentium II with 64MB RAM) I built from parts leftover from my last system upgrade. I should've given them away; I have too many computers around the house as it is.

And despite the last name, I'm nowhere near NewZealand or Australia. There are probably more Apthorp(e)s in Australia than the U.K. or the U.S (members of the family speculate on how this came to be), but I'm in Austin, Texas; a fun, friendly, tolerant city with very few of the stereotypical gun-toting men with big hats and pointy boots or women with too much make-up and big hair. Think of it as an island of literacy in a sea of pickup trucks.

Welcome Bob, The HOWTO's are there for people to cleanup, comment on and update (theres nothing more irritating than a horribly out of date HowTo IMHO. Thanks for cleaning up the formatting, my HTML 2 wiki script really botched most of the HowTos. The Wiki's not just for members of the WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup, it's just set up and mostly used by us :) -- PerryLorier

Thanks! I can't imagine a SysAdmin ever being upset with someone who helps with documentation :) Still, it can be disconcerting to have total strangers in odd time zones editing one's wiki. I just put a new server onto my public network and after configuring the FireWall and the WebServer, I'm trying to set up a new instance of Postfix with Cyrus for IMAP and POP3 service (I want to provide WebMail for friends without them resorting to Yahoo or Hotmail and my old server really needs to be upgraded.) The WLUG version of the HOWTO popped up pretty high in the Google search, and being bored (actually avoiding working on mail; mail administration makes my head hurt) I cleaned things up. I also added some references for your CodeOfEthics, mainly because I was familiar with SAGE's recent efforts to update theirs.

Anyway, I probably won't be messing with much else but if you or any of your members find themselves in Austin, feel free to give me a call. Austin is a very Linux-friendly town and despite the current economy, it's a (the?) major tech center in Texas. -- BobApthorpe

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