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 The contents of all pages are searched to find links to the current page. The BackLinks function also answers the question: "Which pages contain the title of this page?". 
+<?plugin BackLinks page ?>  
-<?plugin BackLinks exclude||= '' include_self||= 1 noheader||= 0 page||='' info||='' ?
+Such a list can be embedded on any page by using the BackLinks WikiPlugin. It accepts the following parameters: ''''  
+ Comma-separated list of pages to exclude from the list <br><br>  
+<tt> include_self</tt>:  
+ Boolean (default 1), whether to include the current page in the list of pages, if it links to itself. <br><br>  
+<tt> noheader</tt>:  
+ Boolean (default ), whether to display the "X pages link to ~SomePage" header <br><br>  
+<tt> page</tt>:  
+ Page whose BackLinks should be shown; defaults to the current page <br><br>  
+<tt> info</tt >:  
+ ?