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 export LANG 
-See the UnicodeNotes page if you have no idea what "UTF-8" or "ISO-8859-1" means. :-) 
+See the UnicodeNotes page if you have no idea what "UTF-8" or "ISO-8859-1" means. <tt> :-)</tt>  
 !!! Speeding up load times 
 [Adobe] Reader 6.0 (only available on MicrosoftWindows) launches slowly because it loads a lot of usually superfluous plugins. Remove all files except for <tt>EWH32.api</tt>, <tt>printme.api</tt>, and <tt>search.api</tt> from the <tt>C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\plug_ins</tt> directory (change this depending on where Reader is installed) and it will launch much faster. 
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 !!! Printing multiple pages onto just one sheet of paper 
 Go to <i>File → Print</i> as usual. In the <i>Page Scaling</i> dropdown in the <i>Page Handling</i> section, pick <i>Multiple Pages Per Sheet</i>. This will reveal other options to adjust how many pages will be printed on a single sheet. Very handy for bulk print jobs. 
+!!! Fixing the <tt>expr: syntax error</tt> problem  
+[See Javier Arturo Rodríguez |].