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+[mod_perl |] marries [Perl] to [Apache]. It embeds the [Perl] interpreter in an [Apache] module to make it possible to write request handlers for [Apache] in [Perl], rather than writing them as modules in [C]. Compiled [Perl] code is kept in memory once it is loaded, eliminating the overhead of [CGI] scripts and opening up control over all stages of [Apache]'s request processing rather than just the content generation phase.  
-mod_perl is the marriage of [ Apache] and [Perl]. It loads the perl interpreter , and then keeps the compiled/interpreted script in memory, rather than reloading it for each access
+[ mod_perl] comes with a variety of stock request handlers. Perhaps its most popular use is for those stock request handlers ( Apache::Registry and Apache::!PerlRun, as well as several specific variations thereof) that attempt to offer its benefits to any [Perl] [CGI] script simply by adding a few lines to the [Apache] configuration . No adjustment to the scripts is required , unless they were written in really dirty style. (Note however that rewriting them as true [mod_perl] request handlers still offers better performance at slightly lower memory consumption; this is a question of tradeoffs to be made.)  
+[mod_perl] drives some of the largest [WebSite]s of the world; see some [Success Stories |]