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-[Acronym] for __I__ntel __A__rch [32bit]. 
+[Acronym] for __I__ntel __A__rchitecture [32bit]. 
-Often called [x86 ] or (less commonly) 80x86 because the original version was named 8086, and subsequent revisions were numbered 80286 , 80386, 80486, etc
+[Intel ]'s official name for the design of the [32bit] [x86] [CPU]s , ie the 80386 and newer
-The are two main manufacturers of these chips:  
-* [Intel]  
-* [AMD] 
+Besides [Intel], [AMD] and VIA also make [ia32] chips. There used to be many more "cloners" of [Intel] chips, particularly around the time of the i486, but they've all been driven out of the market.  
-Which is better is a traditional ReligiousWar/FlameWar - many people believe that AMD offers better value (performance/price) while others believe that Intel chips are more reliable.  
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