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 !![Zimbra] Caveats 
 * [Zimbra] wants a dedicated box. Don't try to fake it. Just give it what it wants, it will make you happy. Specifically, it wants HTTP{s}, SMTP, IMAP{s}, POP3{s}, LDAP, and some other ports for it's own admin functions and auxilliary software (virus and spam scanning for example). 
-* [Zimbra] is not officially supported for Debian. There are alpha release packages available, but these will require some handholding to install (mostly relating to dependancies and library search paths). Until Zimbra is officially supported on Debian, you might want to reconsider using it as the support channels are fairly limited at this stage.  
 !!Configuring [Zimbra] With An Existing MTA For Testing 
 Say you'd like to try out this flashy new technology, and deploy Zimbra as part of an existing domain. This is a lot harder than it could be. Here is what I did.