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-Avid [Linux] user based in [Auckland].  
-Use it for hosting my website [Precision Moisture |http://moisture] 
+ZakWilliams is an [Linux] user who resides in [Auckland], [NewZealand ].  
+[Linux] is the [OperatingSystem] of choice for hosting the website of his business, [Metro Construction |http://www.metroconstruction ].  
-I prefer using [RedHat]/ [Fedora], but have used [Slackware ] in the past
+These days, ZakWilliams primarily uses the [Fedora] distribution , however he first learnt how to use [Linux ] at [TheUniversityOfWaikato] with the [Slackware] distribution
-Religiously use vi(1) over [Emacs]! 
+When it comes to editors, it has been said that [ZakWilliams] will use vi(1) any day, even if offered [Emacs]!