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 <tt>-fa "bitstream vera sans mono" -fs 8</tt>: 
  use AntiAliasedFonts! 
 All of these can also be put into your <tt>.Xresources</tt> so that they will be permanently active without having to pass all these parameters to xterm every time. 
+!!! Setting the window title  
+<tt>echo -ne "__\033]0__''This is a title''__\007__"</tt>  
+The number after the ] can be 0, 1 or 2:  
+ Set both the icon name and window title  
+ Set just the icon name  
+ Set just the window title  
+Check your <tt>.bashrc</tt> to see that the <tt>PROMPT_COMMAND</tt> EnvironmentVariable isn't set to overwrite your newly set window title every time it displays a prompt.  
 !!! The full nitty-gritty 
 See xterm(1).