XboxInCarProject was inspired by the need to cure passenger bordem, and to see how well linux runs on it.

Project Plan: Purchase the following:

  • Xbox? - version 1.5 or newer tick
  • XboxModChip? Xecutor Lite 2.3b from tick
  • 150Watt Invertor from DSE tick
  • LCD screen, preferably PAL (but ended up gettting a 6" NTSC, no problems as you will read on) tick
  • HDD for the xbox, larger capacity then the current 8gig standard.

Step One: LCD Monitor Install:

LCD monitor is now installed, after translating KATAKANA of "BA-TSU-RI" (Battery) and "A-KU-SE-TSU-RI" (Accessory) and hooking them up appropriately to the battery abd accessory connections.


I had MASSIVE problems trying to find something to stick the hoop side of velcro to the dash without ruining the upholstery. I discovered this shyte from Spotlight works perfect (it better for $3.60 a strip) and it has a sticky backing. The LCD is mounted with velcro so I can remove it anytime I park up or leave it out for the night.

Another thing that can be used is an in-dash lcd that can fold away when not in use. You can get these for around $200

Step Two: Xbox Modification:


Flashing LED : (QMPEG)

After a two week wait for my Xecutor Lite 2.3b chip, I finally got the bugger soldered on and installed (no pictures sorry, I had a PXT somewhere) This went without hic-up, and was smooth all until I discovered it had a 512k bios not a 256k. This caused problems with the bios being malformed and the xbox would not boot. Solved with creating a 512k bios and booting, wa laa.

Now since the LCD was NTSC, I had to use my tricky dicky Slayers Intaller 2.5 Cd which had a PAL<->NTSC output switch (because of the LCD being NTSC I got it for $85 and everything is perfect) Now switched into NTSC mode, this is no problem as my Sony TV at home can adapt.

Step Three: Xbox Installation into Car:

Well currently it is placed perfectly in the unused backseat and sits snuggly into the butt concave sections and doesnt budge. I purchased an invertor from DSE, low watt (150) as the xbox doesn't actually pull THAT much current from teh car (and discovered the invertor doesnt even get hot after a long trip) I placed the invertor under the passengers seat, and there it sits hidden until I need it for the xbox.

Step Four: Testing it out!:

Turnt on the invertor, turnt on the LCD screen and finally turnt on the xbox. IT WORKS! The only problem I have, is the video plug is a little different to the socket, and I need to find some plugs /washers to space it out so it doesn tcut out.

More text/media coming soon...


Things I have learnt

  • Look at your Xbox Modchips Bios size, 256k bioses dont go well on 512k bios roms
  • Don't get too excited that you pull the Xbox apart before you even have all the instruments to mod it
  • Most PAL games can be played in NTSC
  • Xecutor 2.3b allows output of NTSC but games played as PAL (nice one franko!)
  • DrewBroadley

Just some notes -

Now modchips are available with lcd module output with the most common being 20 x 4 characters. I was thinking of mounting one of these in the dash so that I can see what song is playing and also have an lcd monitor such as the one above (7" or whatever)

This would enable me to play music without the hassles of having to have the large lcd out.

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