XBattle is an old Unix Realtime Strategy Game.

The general idea is that there is a map (usually made up of hexes or squares, but can be as weird as diamonds or octagons), with some cities (represented by circles). Cities produce troops at a fixed rate. If you click near the edge of a cell then the game will toggle on or off a spigot where troops will leave that cell and "flow" into the neighbouring cell.

This has been rather popular amongst the WAND group recently, and so we have our own fork of the code which has some bugs fixed and a few extra features added. see for our SVN tree.

The game supports as many teams and as many people as you care to play for, it also has some rather good AI's.

For an example game against the AI use:

 ./xbattle -ai 0 1 2 -blue you -red me -rbases 3 -sea 2 -march 2 -bound -attack -repeat -manage -farms 2 -militia 2 -hex \
           -boardx 20 -boardy 20

Don't use -ai x 1 y. It will deadlock the game.

To setup a multiplayer game with someone on orb:0.0

 ./battle -red me -blue orb:0.0 -rbases 3 -sea 2 -march 2 -bound -attack -repeat -manage -farms 2 -militia 2 -hex \
          -boardx 20 -boardy 20 -dig -fill

Hint: Try and take and hold a corner.

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