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 * [LDAP]: DanielLawson 
 * WlugWiki: JohnMcPherson, PerryLorier, MattBrown 
 * Planet WLUG: MattBrown 
 * User admin scripts, WlugLibrary: JohnMcPherson 
-* SSL Certificates, JohnBillings (Donated by RimuHosting) 
+* SSL Certificates, Remote db backups JohnBillings (Donated by RimuHosting) 
 Committee members who want to change e-mail aliases can contact anyone in the Sysadmins group. They will go edit <tt>/etc/aliases</tt> on <tt></tt>. This mostly applies to [WLUG] officers and administrative roles, not people with shell accounts. 
 There is no reason for people to leave the WlugSysadmins group after they have left the area or left the country. Through the magic of the Internet they are still able to help out, and their help is appreciated. Also hopefully it will give them incentive to keep paying their dues (if they're reminded!).