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13 AristotlePagaltzis 1 A overglorified SoundCard masquerading as a MoDem. The hardware consists of little else than a [DAC]/[ADC], whereas the actual signal processing logic is performed by the host computer's [CPU]. The software masquerades as a "driver", which is generally available from vendors only for MicrosoftWindows.
3 SamJansen 2
13 AristotlePagaltzis 3 Fortunately there are increasingly more WinModem drivers available for [Linux]. Supported MoDem~s get affectionately called [LinModems |]. Beware though, there are only few of these among the WinModem~s.
8 DanielLawson 4
13 AristotlePagaltzis 5 [Intel] now has a supported WinModem chipset ([DSE] sells MoDem~s based on these) and because they have both MicrosoftWindows and [Linux] drivers [Intel] calls them HaM, "Host-accelerated Modem". How a 56K WinModem is "accelerated" in comparison to a 56k hardware modem isn't entirely clear; this appears to be MarkeTroid speak.
3 SamJansen 6
13 AristotlePagaltzis 7 The MWave WinModem in [IBM] ~ThinkPad~s is also supported. [IBM] released the driver under [GPL], so it has made its way into the official [Kernel] source tree.
5 DanielLawson 8
13 AristotlePagaltzis 9 By far the most common WinModem~s (at least in NewZealand) are ones based on Conexant chipsets. For a long time there was no way at all to get any of these to work in Linux, but at some point [they released Linux drivers |].
12 PeterHewett 10
13 AristotlePagaltzis 11 If you want to get a new MoDem for a [Linux] and would like to avoid the cost of a hardware MoDem, DanielLawson recommends a Lucent or Agere compatible chipset based WinModem, after good experience with a Lectron I56LVP/F4 ($32 as of May 2004) that runs fine with the [ltmodem drivers |]. If the binary [Package] doesn't work for you, get the source package and follow the instructions, there's a couple of scripts you can run which basically automate the whole installation.
13 Some modern distros include drivers for the more common WinModem~s.
15 ! See also:
17 * [Linmodems |]
18 * [Linmodems support |]
12 PeterHewett 19
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