2006-03-13: We've upgraded the wiki to PHPwiki 1.3.11p1! Enjoy the new features (edit toolbar, etc) and let MattBrown know if there are any serious problems or regressions.

2003-09-23: helper script for man pages. (Only listed here for reference). Email suggestions fixes etc to jrm @@ wlug. org. nz -- JohnMcPherson

2003-08-13: The wiki now does expiry correctly, If-Modified-Since, mod_gzip, IPv6, UTF-8, RSS, mod_headers (Cache-control:), SOAP. I'm running short on buzzwords.

2003-06-21: The wiki now has a dancing penguin when you are using IPv6. Wee! The wiki also adds "NOINDEX" to pages that still have default content, preventing google pointing people to useless pages.

2003-06-20: The wiki is now reachable via IPv6! Yay! I'll do something so that you can tell if you are connecting to the wiki via ipv6 or ipv4

2003-03-11: Made the wiki use a slimmer layout for lynx users (no side bar), turned off debug mode.

2002-08-04: Updated the Wiki source, it's now much much faster, and cleaner. Beware of bugs.

Suggestion about making NonExistentYet pages 404

This would kill all the InternetExplorer users, since their browser hides their 404 page, they'd find it difficult to create a new link. Some of course might call this a feature for a OpenSource based Wiki... -- PerryLorier

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" />

As used in the edit page. That will stop google indexing the useless pages, but won't stop crb^H^H^HWindows users from seeing them, right? I guess I should take a look at the wiki source and sumbmit a patch for it :)

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