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-__W__ellington __I__nternet E__x__change. 
+An [Acronym] for __W__ellington __I__nternet E__x__change. 
 One of the two major [Peering] points in NewZealand, operates across the CityLink network that exists around the Wellington CDB and surrounding areas. [WIX] is the largest [Peering] point in NewZealand in terms of participants as it is easy for anybody on the CityLink network to peer with the route servers. I believe [APE], although it has less participants than [WIX] is actually a bigger [Peering] point in terms of data transferred. 
-See for more information. See Also [APE] 
+See for more information. See Also [APE], [PNIX], [DPE], [3CIX