A WET11 is an 802.11b WirelessEthernetBridge made by Linksys.

There are some in use on CRCnet and with their newest firmware (1.4.3) they perform quite well. Earlier firmware seemed to have problems getting above 2Mbit/s throughput. However the new firmware has removed the ability to view the SNR for the link. These devices also do not perform well in roofspaces (Their operating environment is listed as 0C - 50C) the roofspace we tested the device in got to 54C at one point. After this the device began sporadically locking up and even when the roofspace was cool it refused to operate correctly. However now that the device is down in a more friendly environment it is working fine and does not seem to have suffered any lasting damage. Our suspicion is that the problems in the roofspace were caused by condensation.


  • Very Small
  • Very Lower Power <2W
  • Easy to connect external antenna (Requires a Reverse SMA? connector)


  • Earlier Firmware gives very poor performance
  • Newer Firmware gives good performance (4Mbit/s) but no signal strength statistics. Some signal strength statistics can be found on the info.html page of the configuration website(normally,
  • May have problems with condensation in unfriendly environments.