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 Various software projects exist that implement this strategy: 
 * UserModeLinux ([GPL]) 
 * [Linux-VServer |] ([GPL]) 
-* [Xen | ] ([GPL])  
+* [Xen] 
 * [Virtuozzo |] 
 * [VMWare] 
+__Some articles comparing various virtual server projects__  
+* [Overview|] is a blog entry with a short description and links to Colinux, QEMU, XEN & UML  
+* [How Xen is Different|] is a page on Xen's Unofficial Wiki. Probably slightly bias towards Xen. Interesting because it lists pros and cons of xen, UML, virtuosso, vmware and vserver. Bias means it is from a xen fan's POV.  
+* [Xen Perfomance|] is again found on Xen's site. Xen's performance is compared with native linux,UML, and VMWare.  
+* [Why VServer instead of UML or Xen|]: Goes over briefly why you would choose VServer over UML or Xen.