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 A VirtualPrivateNetwork is a private network connecting (some of its) nodes by tunneling traffic over a public network. Alternatively, if you have far too much money, instead of tunneling, you can use a dedicated data circut provided by your TelCo. Most [VPN]s only tunnel a single connection between two end points that serve to merge two [LAN]s. 
+[VPN]s often run on [SSL] (a [Free] implementation is [OpenVPN]) or [IPSec].  
 The MetaNet is an uncommon [VPN], in that it is multipoint, and doesn't do encryption, authentication, or compression. 
 ''Why not? Those things sound kinda useful -- CraigBox'' 
 ''Simple answer: too difficult to code :) more important getting the easy bit going first. Also encryption/compression could very easily overwhelm some people's gateway boxen -- PerryLorier'' 
+''The new wand/wansd implementation that I sort of have coded, will do authentication, I personally don't think encryption / compression should be done at this layer, use IPsec, HTTPS etc. -- MattBrown''