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 __[ipac]__ / __ipac-ng__ add rules to the linux ipchains/iptables firewall. fwctl is an alternative for ipchains-based machines that does a similar thing. 
 __net-acct__ is a package that provides a user-mode daemon to sniff all ip traffic from a machine. This doesn't require the machine to be running an iptables firewall. Probably in your favourite distribution, otherwise 
+__netacct-mysql__ is a fork of the above net-acct - using mysql as it's database backend. A very nice piece of software, with the ability to distinguish (when given the appropriate routes) between local, national, and international traffic. Found at  
 __netramet__ - quote from MattBrown: ''It was created to allow billing of traffic for the University of Auckland. It's very powerful but at the same time it appears quite complex to setup.'' 
 __ntop__ (as in Network TOP). Displays summaries of network usage, either from the command-line in from a web-browser. In debian, or go to 
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