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-[The Open CD |] is a FreeSoftware compilation for MicrosoftWindows. It is an excellent way to gently introduce [ Windows] users to the idea of FreeSoftware . It is a smaller, but more polished collection than [GnuWinII] - it comes with a proper CD browser ( based on k-meleon) and only includes software that is easy to install under MicrosoftWindows, well developed, and highly reliable.  
- [TheOpenCD] contains only precompiled binaries for a range of OpenSource programs. It used to contain sources as well, but they wanted to add more programs and a 'live linux' you can boot.  
- [OSSWatch ] have been known to give away boxfulls of copies of [TheOpenCD]. %%%  
-[PhilHarper] has been known to do a fair bit of work on [TheOpenCD ] v1.2 and 1.4. %%%  
-[zcat|BruceKingsbury] maintains a New Zealand mirror of TheOpenCD at .nz/files/ %%%  
+[The Open CD |] was a FreeSoftware compilation for MicrosoftWindows. The project has been discontinued, although some of the technology is still used in the OSS-for- Windows section of the Ubuntu CDs and in OpenDisc . The latter is based on [TheOpenCD] but includes applications such as [VLC ] that [TheOpenCD] would not include due to [Canonical ]'s policies