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-[Acronym] for __T__ransport __L__ayer __S__ecurity  
+An [Acronym] with multiple meanings.  
-[TLS] is a newer version of [SSL].  
+__T__ransport __L__ayer __S__ecurity::  
-Many protocols support [TLS] including [SMTP ] and [HTTP]  
+ The successor to [SSL ].  
+ It provides endpoint authentication and communications privacy over the Internet using cryptography.  
+ It is specified by RFC:2246.  
-The [RFC ] specifies it : RFC :2246  
+ Many common protocols support [TLS ], including [SMTP] and [HTTP].  
+__T__hread-__L__ocal __S__torage ::  
+ See [Thread-Local Storage|] in the [GCC] manual.  
-[TLS] also means Thread-Local Storage, which is explained here: