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-[ TCP] is an [Acronym] of TransmissionControlProtocol. 
+TCP is an [Acronym] of TransmissionControlProtocol. It is part of the [TCP/IP] protocol stack
-[ TCP] is an ordered stream. Compare [XCP] and [DCCP] 
+TCP is connection-oriented: before two parties can communicate, they must ''open'' a common connection; after they have finished communicating, they ''close'' the connection. The initiation of the connection is ''asymmetric'': one end needs to ''listen'' for connection attempts, while the other end initiates a connection during this time. However, once the connection is opened, it is ''symmetric'' and ''full-duplex''--both ends are equally capable of transmitting arbitrary information at arbitrary times.  
+TCP is an ordered stream--data sent from one end will arrive at the other end in the same order. Communication is ''reliable''--all transmissions are automatically acknowledged, with timeouts and retries if any lower-level packets are lost, including automatic sequencing to detect duplicates (as can happen when a lower-level packet wasn't "lost", but simply took too long to arrive) . Compare [XCP] and [DCCP].  
 Someone who's done 312 recently want to write a big long discussion about Nagle, Slow start, backoff, congestion control, window sizes etc? 
 We have separate pages discussing TcpStates, and the TcpWindow.