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 An [Acronym] for __T__otal __C__ost of __O__wnership. 
-A term used to describe the overall cost of a particular item, including all facets of using it. For example, administration, maintenance, licensing costs , updates and end-user training, as well as initial capital outlay
+The total cost incurred by all aspects of ownership and operation of a particular item in addition to initial capital outlay , including such factors as administration, maintenance, licensing, updates and end-user training. 
-Often used and abused by marketing departments when giving skewed data/ costs -- eg see CompetitiveComparisons . 
+Such a figure is always difficult to obtain and disputable, thus [TCO] is a term mainly (ab) used by MarkeTroid~s, who will always claim that [TCO] favours their product, even if it would appear to be expensive. This is MicrosoftCorporation's current anti-[Linux] marketing strategy, after they were forced to admit that they could never be as cheap as [Linux].  
+See also CompetitiveComparisons.