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 * Versioning MetaData along with the files allows for moving and renaming files within the repository without dissociating them from their history. 
 * Change sets guarantee that the repository will always be in a defined and consistent state. They also allow rolling back large commits as a whole, and are the foundation for SubVersion's vastly improved branch and tag handling. 
 The CommandLine client, analogous to cvs(1) and with very similar use for the most part, is called <tt>svn</tt>. <tt>svn help</tt> provides a list of all commands and global options. <tt>svn help ''command''</tt> provides help about the specific ''command''. Unfortunately, there is no ManPage to speak of. 
-!Things that you might want to know about merging:  
-* if you change the name remember to include the name of the old file at the end of the merge or else it will give a weird error message - use syntax like this:  
-** <tt>svn merge new.c -r1:5 ../old/prevnew.c</tt>  
-* if merge is not automatic edit the file manually and then remember to do this:  
-** <tt>svn resolve new.c</tt>  
-!Problems experienced:  
-* if you do a <tt>svn delete</tt> of a directory the next <tt>svn commit</tt> will fail with a weird error message unless you manually delete the directory yourself afterwards. This looks like it is fixed in 1.1.14 but I have not tested that.  
-!Flagging a file as executable  
-<tt>svn propset svn:executable on ''filename''</tt>  
 See also: 
 * [SVNNotes] 
 * [Version Control with Subversion |], free online book soon to be published by O'Reilly 
 * [Chapter 06 section 4|] of said book on how to setup SubVersion with [Apache]2