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-!!! Software playback of [MIDI] files  
-[TiMidity++ | http://timidity] is a software synthesizer that reads [MIDI] files and computes regular sample data that can be played back with any soundcard just like an [MP3] or [Ogg]. Most distributions include it as a [Package] called <tt>timidity</tt>.  
-!!! Playing [MIDI] files on a SBLive! sound card  
-To play [MIDI] files, load "sound fonts" into the sound card's memory, and then use those to play [MIDI] files. Sound fonts are collections of samples for the [MIDI] sequencer wave table; the [CDROM] that came with your soundcard has some.  
-Your [ALSA] drivers must have been built with the <tt>--with-sequencer=yes</tt> configure option, and you need the [sfxload|] program. It is designed for the SB AWE32 and AEW64, but works with SBLive cards too. (In [Debian] it’s available as the <tt>awesfx</tt> [Package].)  
-You can load a sound font by issuing something like <tt>sfxload 8mbgmsfx.sf2</tt>. You can check that it is loaded into the soundcard's memory by doing <tt>cat /proc/asound/card0/wavetableD1</tt>:''''  
- <verbatim>  
- Device: Emu10k1  
- Ports: 4  
- Addresses: 65:0 65:1 65:2 65:3  
- Use Counter:  
- Max Voices: 64  
- Allocated Voices:  
- Memory Size: 134217728  
- Memory Available: 126786844  
- Allocated Blocks: 527  
- SoundFonts: 1  
- Instruments: 1849  
- Samples: 526  
- Locked Instruments: 1849  
- Locked Samples: 526  
- </verbatim>  
-Then play a file using the <tt>playmidi</tt> program using the <tt>-a</tt> option to tell it to be AWE-compatible: <tt>playmidi -a dukenukem.mid</tt>  
-Make sure the volume for the sequencer isn't muted; in <tt>alsamixer</tt>, you are looking for the slider named "Music".  
-Part of CategoryNotes  
+See AudioNotes