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-Sony + Ericsson = SonyEricsson. 
+Sony + Ericsson = [ SonyEricsson | http://www]  
+They make CellPhone~s, including the [P800]
-They make mobile phones , including the [P800 ]. 
+!! Ringtones and [DRM]  
+After purchasing a SonyEricsson mobile, I found that [MP3] files downloaded to it could not be set as ringtones. The manual explained that the [MP3] files needed to be specially CopyRight~ed.  
+To get your [MP3] files in the correct format for a SonyEricsson mobile (possibly this is only required for Vodafone?), do a [Google] search for [Sony Ericsson DRM Packager |]. You should be able to find a MicrosoftWindows program that modifies your [MP3] files into some [DRM ] format .