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This page is for organizing the SoftwareFreedomDay2009 event. (We need another page, or move this to start a splash or general information page)

Contributions and Volunteers wanted!



Send JohnBillings an email to be added to this google spreadsheet.


  • Bryce checking on Uni
  • John asked DavidH to check on having it at Wintec

Uni has all the stuff we need lecture rooms and big general space, the Internet and audio and presentation equipment. Wintec might not have all those nice things but has a good central location.

Is Uni asking for a fee? What is it?

What do you think?:

  • U of Waikato: +1
  • Wintec: +1
  • Somewhere Else:

Advertising and publicty

  • eDay may be on the 12th, message sent to Janet already asking to distribute flyers and OpenDisc to people dropping of electronics (waiting for reply)
  • Organize penguin/volunteers to distribute flyers at Centreplace/Garden Place.
  • Canvasing on the uni campus (follow up with Ronnie, Sally Jo, Alice, Dr. Nick, Wand)
  • Talk to GrahamLauder about having an Otto suit made up, and we'll have a "Drunken Seagull" handing out cds?
  • Letter to local businesses

    • Bruce working on
    • Is there some sort of business group like a chamber of commerce that can help with this?
  • Ask Waikato Trust for help with sponsorship

    • Chris and John working on
  • Community Radio advertisement

    • John will do
  • Newspaper ads

    • Waikato Times (Contact Chris Gardner/get pricing)
    • Cambridge Edition (John will get pricing)
    • NZ Herald, collaborate with other groups for national ad?

Keynote Speaker ideas

While its great an all to think about bringing some big names in, and that would be inspiring. At the same time this is a local event, the purpose is to advocate to our local community, imho I think having someone connected with it would be ideal.

  • Weta? (they are wellingtonish?)
  • I don't suppose any of the NZ contingent embedded in Google/Amazon/etc might be available?
  • Education. Anyone come to mind? - Ask Sally Jo or someone from the uni. (I was thinking wider than the university, but it mightn't be a bad idea to have someone from CS deliver at least a presentation.)
  • GrahamLauder. Helping boost OpenOffice 3 seems smart to me. We could give Brett Roberts a presentation slot as well to talk about how Microsoft is reaching out to the wider community with OOXML. (we may need bouncers.)
  • ShaneHobson
  • DavidHallett
  • JamesPluck
  • MattBrown

Presentations and Other Speakers/Talks

  • Lighting talks (Really quick demos on a bunch of stuff) (Rough est on length?)
  • Demo OpenDisc (Using a Windows PC)
  • Music == Good. Don't forget the composing/performing/production crowd at university and Wintec.
  • Ask someone involved with LinuxConfAu to come or at least distribute some info for LCA 2010.
  • Demo how OSS can be used in our "lives" e.g. home/uni/office, work/entertainment/creation/education etc.
  • eday is around the same time, after sfd I think, invite someone to speak about that maybe a potential sponsor
  • Guide to wiki-ing, demo on wlug wiki and tips and examples of how to edit a wiki


  • Who loaned the demo machines last year? (Prehaps Preinstall os this time)
  • LTSP, seemed quite popular last year
  • Setup a Kubuntu/Ubuntu/Debian mirror for the day

zcat's thoughts on structure;

  • Primarily I'd like this to run 'trade show' style. Various businesses are allocated table space and are responsible for their own display. This means our SFD event gets to have lots of stuff on display but WLUG don't have to do any of the work involved, or as little work as possible. +.5 (Think this year maybe it should be on donation/ability to pay basis)
  • Greeters! We really need two or three people at the door all day to welcome people, hand out material.. +1
  • Talks on various topics throughout the day. Very popular last year. We need someone to be responsible for organizing, announcing and facilitating this (it's a fulltime job) +1
  • hackfest -- tables, power, network (Wired and wireless if possible), several volunteers available through the whole day. +1
  • Internet and Free wifi -- Last year WAND provided it (I believe they hooked into Lightwire with a soekris box). This year we'll be covering a bigger area and possibly need several AP's and more bandwidth. A block of routable IP's would be fantastic. Sponsorship by Lightwire would be good. Someone should contact them quite soon.

    • jgb- FreeWifi? sponsored by Lightwire should be a slam dunk. Think the ips are overkill, yeah if we had some self directed volunteers to be an AV team. We will all be spread to thin if we try to do this, I think we should focus on the things we know we can do well. I'm sure you could be the whole AV team, but we need your help with other things this year.