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 A SoftLink is is a special type of directory entry that allows almost transparent references to another directory entry, typically a file or a directory. 
 <?plugin OldStyleTable 
-|Can cross filesystems? | Yes | No  
-|Can refer to directories? | Yes | No 
+| __Feature__ | __SoftLink__s | __HardLink__s  
+| Can cross filesystems? | Yes | No  
+| Can refer to directories? | Yes | No  
+| Breaks when the file is moved? | No | Yes  
 On [Linux], soft links are called [symbolic links|SymLink]. 
 Softlinks are created with the following command line pattern. 
- ln -s /pathto /origfile /pathto /newlink 
+ <pre>  
+ ln -s '' /path/from /origfile'' '' /path/to /newlink''  
+ </pre>  
 You must have appropriate permissions in the directory where you're creating the link for this to work.