This is a page for me (KyleCarter) to wiki notes about the security cameras I am setting up at my house.

Zoneminder is the first option of software to setup, and motion as a backup plan if I can't get Zoneminder to play nice. Both use Video4Linux sources for capture, so this will be the first mission. The only experience I have with this previously is a small amount of playing with MythTv.

I have a 4 channel Swann capture card (SW-R-PCDVR4) and 2 cameras to connect, and possibly looking at using a WebCam I have lying around spare also. It works under Windows, however its own Software doesn't seem to be as advanced as Zoneminder. The chipset is not supported under Linux:

Is the SW-R-PCDVR4 supported under Linux? Thank you.


Dear Sir,
Thank you for your email. With regards to your message, kindly note the answer is unfortunately a NO.

Kind regards.

Neville Munshi
Wholesale & Trade Business Manager
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