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-InNeedOfRefactor: we have ''waaay'' too many different pages about [Samba]. If they can't be tamed otherwise, they'll at least require a category.  
-'' I agree entirely. I'll see if i can arrange them somewhat more appropriately. -- DanielLawson''  
 Samba is an implementation of the MicrosoftWindows [SMB] (ServerMessageBlock) FileSharing Protocol. 
 Samba related man pages: 
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 * SambaErrorMessages for some common errors and solutions 
 More advanced Samba service pages: 
 * [SambaAsPDC] for how to make Samba act as a Windows NT DomainController 
+* [Samba3LDAP]  
 * [ActiveDirectorySamba] 
-* HowtoSamba3AndActiveDirectory  
-* [Samba3LDAP]  
 * SambaAsFileServer