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 Despite this error message, this just means it wasn't able to open a port forward. Generally this is because the address you have set for PortForwarding is wrong, or the [Port] that you are pointing to is incorrect. Check your <tt>-L</tt> or <tt>-R</tt> options for accuracy. For example this command will bring up the error mentioned above caused by a wrong usage, eg. <tt>ssh -L 9999:__user@__host:22</tt>, where the problem is that you are not allowed to specify a user at that point. [OTOH], this is also the message you'll get if your slave [SSH] server is running port filtering software like "Little Snitch" or has a FireWall set up on the slave side. 
 This can also be if the server you are connecting to has <tt>~AllowTcpForwarding no</tt> in its sshd_config(5). 
+Can also occur if you've used a hostname in your tunnel specification, when the remote machine can't resolve that hostname.  
+<tt>ssh remotehost -L 5900:titanium:5900 -g -C</tt> when  
+<tt> [root@remotehost ~]# host titanium  
+Host titanium not found: 3(NXDOMAIN) </tt>  
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