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-[Acronym] for __S__ender __P__olicy __F__ramework 
+An [Acronym] for __S__ender __P__olicy __F__ramework.  
-[SPF] is a way of registering in [DNS] which machines are allowed to send mail from a domain. This is used to help prevent people from forging emails from people they are not , and hopefully impacting the usefulness of spam
+A standard defining a [DNS] record notation to describe which machines are originators of legit [Email] coming from a certain domain. Its intent is to prevent forging of sender headers in [Email] , thus hopefully making it more difficult to send [Spam]
-[SPF] is implemented in [DNS ] with the use of a [TXT ] ResourceRecord
+[SPF] records are stored in TXT ResourceRecord~s.  
+See also:  
+* [SPF homepage | ]  
+* [SPF libraries and patches | ] (adding support for various [MTA]s)  
+* A [SPF / Exim / Gentoo | http://bob] note by Bob Rasey  
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