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 An [Acronym] for __S__canner __A__ccess __N__ow __E__asy. 
+A programming [API] to create a standard way of using document scanners.  
+As well as [Linux]-based distributions, the library works on other  
+[OperatingSystem]s such as [MacOSX], [NetBSD], [OpenBSD], and [OS/2].  
+A large number of scanners now have SANE drivers. As well as drivers  
+that have been donated by hardware manufacturers and drivers that have been reverse-engineered, there are also drivers for non-scanner devices  
+such as [Video4Linux] devices (eg TvTunerCards). See our ScannerNotes  
+page for hints about using scanners under linux.  
+You can see a definitive list of supported scanners at  
+Front-end applications that can use SANE to get images include  
+xsane(1) and [TheGIMP].