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-http://www .rhythmbox .org/  
+[RhythmBox |] is the new music management application for [GNOME], inspired by [Apple]'s [iTunes] . Playlists are organized by the information in the music files' tags (be they [MP3 ] or OggVorbis or another format) . There's also a "tuner" interface for streamed internet radio
-RhythmBox is the new media management application for [GNOME].  
-Part of the GStreamer framework ( the new [GNOME ] media framework), RhythmBox is a copy of the ITunes media application for [MacOSX] .  
-You can organise your playlists based on the comments embedded in the music files (be they [MP3] or OggVorbis format), and it also has an interface for listening to stream internet radio stations.  
-Because it uses the GNOME VirtualFileSystem libraries, you can add files from a number of sources (for example, ! ssh://somehost/path/../ or smb://hostname/sharename /.../)
+It is built on top of the the [GStreamer ] framework so it will theoretically support just about any imaginable format . It also uses the [ GNOME] VirtualFileSystem libraries which allows you to add files from sources like __ ssh://somehost/some /path/foo .mp3__ or __ smb://hostname/share /name/bar .ogg__