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-[Acronym] for __R__ich __S__ite __S__ummary[1] (or __R__DF __S__ite __S__ummary?)[2] (or __R__eally __S__imple __S__yndication[3]?)  
+An [Acronym] with a variety of expansions, all referring to the same thing:  
-a form of [RDF]. 
+* __R__ich __S__ite __S__ummary (RSS .91)  
+* [RDF] __S__ite __S__ummary (RSS .90, [RSS 1.0 |])  
+* __R__eally __S__imple __S__yndication ([RSS 2.0 |])  
+* no expansion at all (RSS .92- .94)  
-a RSS feed of a site, usually is an [XML] "!ChangeLog" style file of a site.  
- There are [RSS] aggregators, which take [RSS] feeds from around the web and do interesting stuff with them, like http://www.freshnews .org/  
-There is a [GNOME]2 program called [Straw|http: // /straw] that looks ok - 'apt-get install straw' for [Debian] testing /unstable users. If you want a slightly modified version that supports the "Contributor" tag (as used by this wiki's RSS feed) instead of just "Creator", contact JohnMcPherson.  
-If you subscribe to then you will get jabber headlines every half hour from this wiki.  
- ----  
-!! Interesting/Relevant RSS Feeds  
-;SlashDot: rss  
-;This WLUG Wiki:  
-;A list of RSS news feeds by category:  
-;RSS feed of BitTorrent trackers:  
-;Blogs of [GNOME ] people :  
-;RodneyHide 's Blog:  
- [1 ]  
- [2 ]  
- [3 ] [4]  
-[4] Make up your own mind...
+There are [9 different incompatible versions | http://diveintomark .org/archives /2004 /02 /04 /incompatible -rss], but the point is always the same : they 're [XML ] vocabularies (and some of them are [RDF ] in [XML ] form) for expressing NewsFeed~s