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+!!! Saving a username for a server  
+Usually, you want to always connect to a particular machine with the same username. With [PuTTY], it would seem that there is no way to save a username in a session configuration, that there is no way to avoid being prompted for the username every time you double-click the session name. Not so – it’s just hidden in a less than obvious place:  
+To save the username, enter it in the <i>Auto-login username</i> box on the <i>Connection → Data</i> panel.  
+Silly? You tell me.  
 !!! Line drawing characters 
 [PuTTY] identifies as <tt>xterm</tt> by default. If you use a [UTF-8] locale on your [Linux]/[UNIX] machines, many applications will react to <tt>TERM=xterm</tt> by sending line drawing characters as a pair of characters consisting of a mode-switching character followed by some normal character such as x, q, and the like. [PuTTY] ignores the mode-switching character. As a result, trees, lines, boxes and the like don’t look anything like trees, lines or boxes.