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 The infrastruture required to verify that some user is who they say they are, either by [PGP]'s WebOfTrust or a centralized certification infrastructure provided by a CertificationAuthority (or several). Also known as a [PKI]. 
 There are many parts to the infrastruture: 
 * interoperability standards ([X509], [OpenPGP], [LDAP], etc.) so that different products can work together 
-* software (for [ KeyServer] s, [ TimeStampServer] s, [RobotCA]' s, crypto-aware [ MailClient] s such as EnigMail and [PINE ] etc.)  
-* servers ([KeyServer]s , [TimeStampServer ]s , [RobotCA]'s, etc.)  
-* actual content (the [ PublicKey] s and the WebOfTrust's signatures) 
+* software (for KeyServer~ s, TimeStampServer~ s, [RobotCA]s, crypto-aware MailClient~ s such as [Mutt ], [PINE ], EnigMail etc.)  
+* the servers running the software  
+* actual content created and exchanged by users and servers (the PublicKey~ s and the WebOfTrust's signatures) 
 * social structure to support the software and content ([KeySigningParties|KeySigningParty], etc.), which is very often symbiotic with other social structures, often including [LUG]s. 
 The security of the PublicKeyInfrastructure is not uniform and for many of the players issues such as ease of use, price and reliability are much more important.