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 * ^Sender: owner-\/[[A-Za-z0-9][[-A-Za-z0-9\.@]+ 
+!! Use procmail to deliver to cyrus  
+Before you do this, check that you really need to. Most MTAs will support [LMTP] delivery now, which is a far more efficient way of delivering to cyrus. Also note that cyrus uses a custom maildir format, so you cannot just drop mail into an appropriate directory.  
+If you really must use procmail to deliver to cyrus, you'll need a rule such as:  
+:0 w  
+| /usr/bin/cyrus/bin/deliver -e -a $USER -m user/$USER  
+But be warned that the user/$USER bit may be dependant upon your cyrus configuration, as will the actual path to cyrus deliver. Do *not* use a deliver program from a different MTA. It will eat your mail.