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 * a subdirectory for each current process. You can find things like the command line, the environment, memory and file usage. There is a special directory called "self" that refers to whichever process accesses it. For example, you can do __less /proc/self/status__ to find out about the less process, or you can do __cd /proc/self ; less status__ to find out about your shell process. 
 * __/proc/cpuinfo__ gives information about the detected [CPU](s), including manufacturer, id, known bugs, and extensions. 
 * [FileSystem]s and peripherals. For example, when you attach a [USB] device such as a DigitalCamera, your programs communicate with the device through a file with a name like __/proc/bus/usb/001/003__. 
+* sysctl's are available via /proc/sys/  
 * network devices and status. 
 Also, the SuperUser can change some [Kernel] settings by writing to particular files. For example, to allow your [Linux] machine to act as a router by forwarding packets from other machines, it is necessary (but usually already automated) to do __echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward__.