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 kernel: hci_cmd_task: hci0 command tx timeout 
 message in dmesg/syslog. 
+With the default xorg.conf(5x) that Ubuntu (5.04 Hoary) generated, the  
+touchpad generates a middle-click when you tap it, which is very annoying.  
+Changing the <tt>/etc/X11/xorg.conf</tt> file to have  
+ # don't do anything for 1-finger taps  
+ Option "TapButton1" "0" # 0 = no action  
+in the synaptics touchpad ~InputDevice section made no difference either.  
+However, disabling the synaptics driver completely (by commenting out  
+or removing the "~InputDevice Touchpad" line from the ~ServerLayout section  
+meant that it was just seen as a normal mouse (using the already existing "Configure Mouse" ~InputDevice). This has the disadvantage that the vertical scrolling function of the touchpad no longer works, but that is an acceptable tradeoff to not have middle-clicks generated everywhere :)  
+You can still get a middleclick (mouse button2) by pressing buttons 1 and 3 simultaneously -- this assumes you have the Emulate3Buttons option for the default mouse ~InputDevice.  
-To add:  
-* card reader  
-* touchpad + disable middle clicking on tap  
+The video card supports having a 2nd monitor, so it looks like you can use this in dual-head mode as well as just using it as an external monitor.  
+The "Expansion Port 2" slot is only for attaching the laptop to Compaq's docking station.  
+The 6-in-1 card reader might work (the LinuxKernel supports this -- CONFIG_MMC found in Device Drivers -> MMC/SD Card -> MMC support) but I only have CompactFlash cards, which aren't supported by this reader.