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9 JohnMcPherson 1 !!!Compaq Presario M2223AP
2 This laptop (in the M2000 series) has a couple of gotchas for Linux support:
4 !!Wireless
13 JohnMcPherson 5 The wireless chipset (Intel 2200BG) works under linux.
6 See the [IPW2x00WirelessChipset] page for more details.
9 JohnMcPherson 7
8 !!Graphics
12 JohnMcPherson 9 The graphics controller uses an Intel 915GM chipset, which is supposedly supported by [XOrg]'s i810 driver. However, it doesn't seem to be properly supported by the version of Xorg in Hoary, and graphics didn't work out of the box. (!!) GDM starts and runs but nothing is displayed on the [LCD].
9 JohnMcPherson 10
15 JohnMcPherson 11 If you use Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary), either use the "vesa" graphics driver, or if you really want to use the i810 driver, you can download a newer snapshot of the driver from I used the
10 JohnMcPherson 12 "i915-20050718-linux.i386" which at least got X working with the i810 driver. You'll also need the "common-20050718-linux.i386" to get newer versions of Xorg's libdrm.a and GL modules. (If you install the driver but don't install the "common" package, you'll get an error in your Xorg.0.log file like "libdri version is 4.1.0 but version 5.0.x is needed").
9 JohnMcPherson 13
15 JohnMcPherson 14 Ubuntu 5.10 aka "Breezy Badger" has these newer versions and you don't need to do anything.
9 JohnMcPherson 15
16 (The difficulty in supporting this chip is described in an [xorg thread|].)
16 JohnMcPherson 18 The graphics card lets you use "Xinerama" (DualHead) mode so you can have an extra wide desktop that stretches over two monitors.
9 JohnMcPherson 19 See our [i915-xorg.conf] page. (This might possibly require the updated i810/i915 support from above, I didn't test this with the vesa driver).
21 !! BlueTooth
17 JohnMcPherson 22 The laptop has built-in BlueTooth. It works with the default kernel in Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper), although I had to first issue
9 JohnMcPherson 23 <verbatim>
17 JohnMcPherson 24 sudo hciconfig hci0 up
9 JohnMcPherson 25 </verbatim>
17 JohnMcPherson 26 from a command line. Maybe the graphical tools do this automatically, but I don't use bluetooth much so I don't know.
9 JohnMcPherson 27
28 !!Touchpad
29 With the default xorg.conf(5x) that Ubuntu (5.04 Hoary) generated, the
30 touchpad generates a middle-click when you tap it, which is very annoying.
31 Changing the <tt>/etc/X11/xorg.conf</tt> file to have
32 <verbatim>
15 JohnMcPherson 33 Option "TapButton2" "0" # 0 = no action
9 JohnMcPherson 34 </verbatim>
15 JohnMcPherson 35 in the synaptics touchpad ~InputDevice section fixed this, although
36 I'm not sure why it needed "TapButton2" and not "TapButton1".
9 JohnMcPherson 38 You can still get a middleclick (mouse button2) by pressing buttons 1 and 3 simultaneously -- this assumes you have the Emulate3Buttons option for the default mouse ~InputDevice.
14 JohnMcPherson 40 !! 6-in-1 Card Reader
17 JohnMcPherson 41 The card reader works with the default kernel in Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper).
42 I couldn't get the 6-in-1 card reader to work with Ubuntu Hoary.
9 JohnMcPherson 43
14 JohnMcPherson 44
46 !!Other
47 The "Expansion Port 2" slot is only for attaching the laptop to Compaq's docking station.
9 JohnMcPherson 48
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